cookie cakes

Available in 2-3 business days. Local delivery & pick up only.


 chocolate chip- all-natural signature chocolate chip cookie

reese's chocolate chip- chocolate chip dough + reese's peanut butter chips

oreo chocolate chip- chocolate chip dough + crushed oreos

birthday- sugar cookie dough + rainbow sprinkles

s'mores- chocolate chip dough + grahams + toasted marshmallows + milk chocolate bar minis

oatmeal raisin- signature oatmeal dough + raisins

white chocolate macadamia- signature dough + white chips + macadamia nuts

walnut chocolate chip- chocolate chip dough + walnuts

red velvet- red velvet dough  + white chips + chocolate chips

red velvet oreo- red velvet dough + white chips + chocolate chips + oreo 

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